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I'm still here, just incredibly busy with school. I just hit my 1 year loc anniversary a few days ago. I looked at pics from January 2009 and December 2009 and my hair really grew! It was neat to see.

So how are you guys doing?
The media has once again noticed Michelle Obama's hair. What do you guys think?

Article here.
The Coil Review is an online magazine for natural hair. From their site:

"The Coil ReviewTM is a highly respected web-based magazine catered to women with naturally coily and curly textured hair. It offers a reliable source of information, entertaining articles and visual inspiration, while highlighting the amazing beauty of natural coils and curls possessed by women of color.

The Coil Review keeps its chic and trendy readers in the loop of new looks, tips, events and most importantly, valuable and researched information.

In a world where hair texture can affect a woman's glamour factor in the eye of mainstream culture, The Coil Review stands strong as the advocate, giving the official nod to women of color all over the globe with beautiful natural hair.
Inspired by the ancestral culture and beauty of coily and curly textured hair, TheCoilReview.com is the must-go-to-daily guide, dedicated to
"Bringing Natural Beauty to the Forefront".

This is who we are. This is what we do. This is our purpose."

Go check it out. I think it's great! The Coil Review.
I came across these pics on another blog and thought you ladies would appreciate them. I think these dancers have beautiful hair.

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Does anyone have any products or care recipes they'd like to recommend? I've been using coconut oil in my hair lately and I'm noticing a definite improvement. My hair feels softer (which is nice because it's getting hot here- no crispy hair!) and I like the smell.

Anyone else have something they like?

Wow, can't believe I stumbled on this blog just by subscribing to the community promo. I'm glad I didn't take that one off my list.

I'm a 38 year old black woman married to a white man. My hair question (frustration? insanity?) has more to do with my daughter's hair. She's six (practically 7) and I've been told she has type 4A curly hair with tight They are quite literally the type that are pencil tight and springy coils.

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CNN's "Black in America" page offered a chance for readers to share their stories on having black hair. They asked people to "show us how you choose to wear your hair and share your thoughts about the perceptions and misconceptions of black hair in America." Every story included expressions of pride in their chosen styles but many of them also included instances of discrimination or frustrations with corporate America. The comments range from the usual "that's not real hair" trolling to people claiming that there are professional standards that need to be upheld.

One of the stories that hit home with me was a black male telling how he had to cut his braids in order to get a job. He said they were well kept and neat, an expression of his own meticulous nature. How does an educated black man with professional qualifications get labeled as a thug? He got hit with the professional appearance answers from commenters, including other people of color.

Where do you draw the line? When does a professional appearance standard cross over into the realm of discrimination? Are there any styles you feel are unprofessional?

You can read some of the stories here.
Welcome to Natural Hair! I hope this community will become a place for people to get together and discuss their love of all things natural and help others with questions they may have.

I'm Heather and I've been natural for over ten years. I stopped relaxing my hair when I was sixteen because I could never achieve the super sleek look I saw in magazines and I was tried of having damaged hair. I wore braids on and off for a few years and then transitioned to (really thick) locs. After a while I decided to cut off the locs and explore my natural hair texture. I've done everything from twa's to shoulder-length twists. I put my hair into locs again this January and I think they are here to stay. They aren't uniform but I think they have a lot of personality.

I love hearing about hair journeys so please feel free to post an intro.