The Coil Review is an online magazine for natural hair. From their site:

"The Coil ReviewTM is a highly respected web-based magazine catered to women with naturally coily and curly textured hair. It offers a reliable source of information, entertaining articles and visual inspiration, while highlighting the amazing beauty of natural coils and curls possessed by women of color.

The Coil Review keeps its chic and trendy readers in the loop of new looks, tips, events and most importantly, valuable and researched information.

In a world where hair texture can affect a woman's glamour factor in the eye of mainstream culture, The Coil Review stands strong as the advocate, giving the official nod to women of color all over the globe with beautiful natural hair.
Inspired by the ancestral culture and beauty of coily and curly textured hair, is the must-go-to-daily guide, dedicated to
"Bringing Natural Beauty to the Forefront".

This is who we are. This is what we do. This is our purpose."

Go check it out. I think it's great! The Coil Review.
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