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Wow, can't believe I stumbled on this blog just by subscribing to the community promo. I'm glad I didn't take that one off my list.

I'm a 38 year old black woman married to a white man. My hair question (frustration? insanity?) has more to do with my daughter's hair. She's six (practically 7) and I've been told she has type 4A curly hair with tight They are quite literally the type that are pencil tight and springy coils.

Her hair is gorgeous, don't get me wrong, and everyone comments on how gorgeous her hair is. However, maintaining it is another problem. It dries out fast. If there's humidity, we're looking at being super frizzy on the top and back top by the end of the school day. It tangles easily, too. I have to wet it down to comb it or finger style it at all, and have taken to conditioning her hair every other night, just to get the moisture and detangling into her hair. (I only shampoo once a week.) I've tried a ton of products, mostly purchased online, and though I've had some luck with Ouidad's Krly Kids line and Curlz Coconut Dream products for kids, nothing works perfectly.

Her hair is not black hair, nor is it white hair and therein lies my problem. I need to find a way to maintain healthy curls, keep it tangle free and frizz free as well, and I'm happy to hear any suggestions. (Or any directions anyone can point me in.)

As an additional aside, she wants her hair straightened every now and then. I know that it's bad for the hair, but I did straighten it this past weekend. It took two hours of diligent application of olive oil heat treatment while using a medium-hot flat iron. Of course, her hair curled back up with no problem as soon as we added water (she decided she'd had enough of it in her face on Sunday night!) Is there any way to "safely" straighten for future reference?

That's also her in my icon with her hair professional straightened (blow dryer and flat iron, not chemicals) about two years ago.

This picture is a back view of her hair. The clearest I could get:

And a straightened hair picture:
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